Anyone who participates in one of our Help Outs Live sessions must be capable of doing the task at hand before attempting to do something they can’t do in the first place. Help Outs Live can not be held responsible for any accidents due to anyone’s negligence. All providers have been screened prior to being added to this site and are more than qualified to walk you through anything you are capable of, the sky is the limit. Help Outs Live has prohibited some kinds of content, including: unauthorized behavior such as lock picking devices, surveillance devices or avoiding traffic laws, stolen goods, piracy or accessing protected copyrighted media, drugs or alcohol, guns or explosives, and many others. If you abuse any of these or anything else we deem to be inappropriate for our site you will be warned once and if  continue to do so will be blocked from our site for life.

Since you’ll be dealing with all kinds of different people we leave it up to our providers to use their discretion to make decisions on acceptable Help Outs and scheduling their services when is agreeable to them. The Help Outs Live sessions are in real-time after scheduling an appointment and soon there will be live providers ready 24-7  to answer or help you immediately as well, today is just the beginning. We’re starting small and just have a few categories filled at this time. The number of people giving help on Help Outs Live and the type of help available will grow over time. Help Outs Live may not be suitable for every occasion, and it will take time to get used to interactions via real-time video. We hope that the efficiency, convenience and global reach of Help Outs Live will make people’s lives easier in the long-term.

If there is a no-show on the providers end at least 30 minutes late from the scheduled date and time there will be a full refund.

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