How Do I Host a Help Outs Live in real-time?

Would you like to be able to hire new employees to do real-time repairs, assistance in installs, help in modifications, or giving advice to people all over the world? There are literally thousands of people every day that watch some kind of video or purchase a book looking for a “How to” repair, install, modify, advice or build answer that can’t possibly cover every scenario that life can toss at us and usually doesn’t help much anyway. Most people are capable of a lot of different tasks. The do it yourself in all of us would be able to succeed in that task with a little assistance or guidance that we here at Help Outs Live can resolve.

Thanks to our network of qualified professionals throughout the world we have started a new concept that could put a lot of people back to work. There is no limit on what can be done in “real-time” with a smart phone, tablet or webcam that can be zoomed around items being viewed, asking detailed questions and getting detailed real-time answers. Literally sitting right beside your customer just like walking into a brick and mortar store, office or place of business. From a beautician assisting a women with her makeup to helping someone build a house. From the kitchen sink plumbing to the do it yourself guy or girl looking for assistance in a car repair. Not only assisting them but teaching them as well. What could be more valuable than teaching someone what you know. Their camera is your eyes, their hands are your hands and with your knowledge no matter what your trade, profession, qualifications, degree or any other credentials are that would enable you to assist others I  welcome you and strongly recommend you join our community.

1.) You need internet access, a webcam, microphone, Google email address, a Google Calendar set up and shared with the admin at Help Outs Live so we can schedule appointments and a Google Hangout set up which is highly recommended due to high quality video and options. Also Facebook messenger and Skype installed and someone to sit behind a computer screen and camera and assist others on the dates and times scheduled on your Google Calendar. Our community is growing daily and once we build a big enough network to satisfy our demand we will no longer accept any new companies. We are including several repair categories with several solutions in each category. As demand increases we will include more. Why not take this once in a lifetime opportunity and help grow your company or small business and teach people throughout the world what you know and get paid for it!

2.) I can’t possibly list every business, trade, profession, qualifications or degree of people who can assist others in all kinds of different tasks, so apply now no matter what you can offer and we will communicate from there.

3.) If you’re hosting a Help Outs Live you can choose to offer your help for free or for a fee. You can charge per session (say, for example, if you’re tutoring) or per minute (which should be handy for tech support services).

4.) Explain how you’re qualified to be a Provider to help on your chosen topic. Whether it’s your trade, profession, degree, certificates, training or experience or any other credentials you’ll have to share that information before you can join our community and be a provider for Help Outs Live. There’s also a review process before your listing goes live.

5.) You will meet with one of our representatives in a Google Hangout so they can view the atmosphere your camera and provider services will be taking place in ensuring adequate lightning, clear audio and video and a welcome environment.

6.) You must make a 1000×250 pxl ad, preferably a .png formatted file showing you in your element with your picture and details on your services.

7.) Be sure to read the Host requirements!

Watch this Step by Step Video on How to Become a Host (Provider) at Help Outs Live

*Tips for Providers*


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