Provider (Host) Requirements

In order for you to host your services, “be a Provider” you must have some kind of credentials proving you have the training to help others in the field you will be assisting in.  Certificates, Diplomas, Military or working in that field for over 5 years and can prove it or any other training you can show proof of. Once you are approved to become a Host at Help Outs Live you will need to make up an ad. Photos of you in your element is required and a short paragraph on services offered. Most services charge by the hour but can be by the minute as well. Once a customer asks for help with one of our providers they are screened as well to make sure they can even handle the task at hand. Once they schedule an appointment you will receive an email giving you all the details with a link provided to a Google Hangout. If the customer is using Facebook Messenger or Skype you will be mailed their email address so you may contact them on the platform they are using on the date and time they scheduled.

You must have a tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a webcam with a microphone in a well-lit area, noise free, with Google Hangout, Facebook and Skype installed where the customer can see and hear everything he or she needs to and by asking the right questions you are able to assist them with their task. A 32″ monitor/television or bigger is recommended to see in detail. Smart phones are highly discouraged as the provider needs to see as clear as possible. The customer will probably be using one and should be able to zoom in on details. If extra materials, parts, items, research or etc. is needed then a follow-up appointment will have to be made at the time of the Help Outs Live session and notify the  Administrator of the additional appointment.

All Help Outs Live sessions are scheduled through a Google Calendar which will have to be shared with the administrator where he can add appointments to that providers calendar as needed. All the provider has to do is check his or her Google calendar every day to see if they have any appointments. If there is an appointment that day you just click on the link in your Google calendar if using a Google Hangout and it will open up your Help Outs Live session with the customer on the other end at the date and time shown.  A video can be supplied to walk you through the set up of the Google Calendar if needed or I recommend meeting in a Help Outs Live session where I can walk you through the setup and also I am able to view the atmosphere the camera will be in.

Help Outs Live has  prohibited some kinds of content, including: unauthorized behavior such as lock picking devices, surveillance devices or avoiding traffic laws, stolen goods, piracy or accessing protected copyrighted media, financial or legal topics, drugs or alcohol, guns or explosives, and many others. If you abuse any of these or anything else we deem to be inappropriate for our site will be warned once and if they continue to do so will be blocked from our site for life. It is up to the provider to call the shots. If a customer gets in over there head, being rude or whatever else you don’t think is appropriate.

Help Outs Live takes 20% of the providers sales and are paid monthly for their services. If  the provider ends up being 30 minutes late from the scheduled time there will be a full refund to the customer.

No ones information is ever shared with anyone. No spam here!

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