Tips for providers

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Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your Help Outs Live:

  1. Challenge yourself to answer difficult or confusing questions
  2. If the question is too vague or too complicated, try asking for more details. Sometimes simply asking for clarification goes a long way towards understanding what a consumer really needs. You may even learn something yourself.
  3. Showing a little empathy in your initial response can help ease the consumer’s frustrations and anxiety, which will help you both get the most out of your Help Outs Live.
  4. Set the mood
    Make sure you’re both on the same page. Try to restate the issue in your own words so both you and the consumer can check each others understanding of the problem. Ensuring you’re on the same page will help you make the best use of time.
  5. Keep it simple
    Stay away from overloading consumers with jargon or industry-specific language they don’t really need to know.
  6. Ask for feedback
    As you’re wrapping up, ask how you could improve the experience and encourage the people you help to leave feedback. This helps make you a better expert and elevates the experience for everyone.
  7. Be friendly and courteous
    Help Outs Live is all about learning and sharing knowledge for both you and the person you help!

Thanks for considering offering your expert help through our Help Outs Live services!

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