Requirements to Participate in a Help Outs Live Session

1.) In order for you to participate in one of our Help Outs Live sessions you must fill out the form provided on the help me page requesting assistance in a certain category.

2.) Once you are pre-approved for your session you will be sent an email with the amount of the Help Outs Live session you requested, a link to schedule an appointment and make a payment which is required before your session.

3.) Once the payment is received you will receive a second email with an active link to your provider live on the date and time scheduled if in a Google Hangout. If you are using Facebook Messenger or Skype then your email address will be given to the provider so he or she may contact you on the platform you will be using on the date and time scheduled.

4.) You must have a good smart phone, tablet or a desktop computer with a webcam and a microphone in a well-lit area where the provider can see everything he needs to and by asking the right questions can assist you with your task. If you are using a desktop computer or a laptop it is recommended to have a separate webcam so that it can be zoomed around items in detail for the provider to see. A separate microphone and a 32″ monitor or bigger television is also recommended to see in detail but a smart phone will work as our providers are highly recommended to have a big screen to see in detail.

5.) Help Outs Live has prohibited some kinds of content, including: unauthorized behavior such as lock picking devices, avoiding traffic laws, stolen goods, piracy or accessing protected copyrighted media, financial or legal topics, drugs or alcohol, guns or explosives, and many others. If you abuse any of these or anything else we deem to be inappropriate for our site you will be warned once and if you continue to do so will be blocked from our site for life.

6.) All appointments you schedule have to be made 24 hours in advance the following business day or any day after that, week , month, etc. from the time the appointment is made.  Also it must be scheduled between 9 AM to 9PM Eastern Standard time until the site operates in “real-time”.

7.) If the Help Outs Live Provider doesn’t arrive after atleast 30 minutes from the date and time scheduled there will be a full refund.

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